Electronic Staff
We are not freelancers or your usual remote workers,
we commit to your company and become part of your staff.
Our experience in the constructtion industry
Our top talent in the firm will ensure all your work is high quality and our 20+ years of experience
in this industry will prove that we are a great fit for you.
A disruptive AEC firm
Our Arquitecture, Engineering & Construction experience is what's making us thrive in this industry.
From BIM designs, to estimates, to actual execution and management.

Who are we?

Building Engineering E-Solutions

We are a multinational engineering firm with its parent company in Nevada, USA. We are dedicated to disrupt the construction industry by providing E-Solutions ("Electronic Solutions") accross a variety of sectors AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) to solve different ongoing problems, such as labor shortage, an issue that's been worsening in the past years (partly due to covid-19). The way we solve this issue is through E-Staff (or "Electronic Staff").

Here at BuildEES LLC, we work full time for your company, and essentially become part of your staff.

  • E-Staff

    We are not freelancers, we are not your usual remote workers, we become part of your staff.

  • Non-Competes and NDAs

    We don't take on client work that could conflict with our current clients' projects, which is why our contract includes a non-compete clause that ensures we'll exclusively work with you in the state you do business in. Once we commit to you, we take it very seriously.

  • Competitive Pricing

    Our unique business model allows us that our top=notch services are the most competitive in the market.


Current services from our multinational firm


Non-Compete Assessment

We don't take any other client on the same state as you do business in. Once we commit to you, we'll exclusively work for you.


Choose the right services

Our hybrid subscription model ensures you get one of the best rates in the market on the long run. Choose what works best for your company.


Assign a representative

We assign someone from our team that will take care of all pertinent communication from our firm to your company and vice versa.


Briefings and Meetings

As a team that's part of your staff, we'll frequently meet up with you and give you detailed reports about all our work.


Some of our recent projects

High Quality Engineering

Our 20+ years of experience in this industry makes us the best fit for your company

Where we are working currently

Building Engineering E-Solutions


North Las Vegas, NV